Avedko, since 1920

Avedko was established in 1920 in Dordrecht and is a real family business with a rich history. Around this time Mr. D.B. Kooiman established the Kooiman Tank Factory in Papendrecht, where they manufactured tanks for Domo, amongst others. In 1929 the Kooiman Tank Factory won the exclusive right to represent the Swedish stainless steel manufacturer Avesta A.B. In the early thirties Mr. P.L. Kooiman joined the company. Kooiman flourished until the start of the Second World War. In the period of rebuilding that ensued P.L. Kooiman took over a stamp manufacturer that was located on the Vest in Dordrecht taking the representation of Avesta with him. Thus Avedko was born, the name being derived from Avesta Edelstaal Kooiman.

From this point on Avedko consisted of three divisions, namely; metal works, meter production, and trading in stainless steel. In 1961 Avedko established a subsidiary called ASI-steel, which focused on trading in Swedish stainless steel. In 1976 the subsidiary was sold to Avesta A.B. who started trading in the Netherlands themselves. Due to the arrival digital age, the meter production business started to slow down and after the move from the Vest to their new premises on the Nijverheidstraat in 1972, Avedko grew into a modern manufacturer of stainless steel products with its own product line, production facilities and high level of expertise.

Before Avedko, the Singels stonemasonry company was located in the premises on the Vest.
On the right: Avedko anno 1969.

Today Avedko is one of the most important manufacturers of stainless steel outdoor enclosures in the Netherlands. The enclosures offer a high level of protection for the highly sensitive equipment that they house and are available in a wide range of IP ratings. Avedko enclosures are used for an array of applications such as; cable and telecom networks, rail infrastructure, traffic management systems, public lighting, security systems, gas systems, pump units, pressurised sewage systems, operating systems and underground waste containers.