Avedko: Custom-made stainless steel in stainless steel sheet metal

Whether you are looking for design, safety or durability, Avedko’s custom-made inox steel is of the highest quality and therefore always the best choice.

Avedko is a family business that exists since 1920. From the beginning, we have specialized ourselves in stainless steel sheet metal. Being a producer of stainless steel enclosures, we work with the latest techniques and have thorough knowledge of every aspect of sheet metal.

Regardless of your wishes, when it comes to customizing inox steel we guarantee the highest quality in measurement specifications, design, and the production process of the enclosure. Let the endless possibilities of what Avedko can offer you in the field of stainless steel sheet metal surprise you. On this site we are happy to inform you about the way we work and our products. And if you have any further questions, please feel free to challenge us!