Avedko’s stainless steel enclosures have become an integral part of public space in the Netherlands

Expensive telemetry management and energy networks in public spaces deserve the highest level of protection from their surrounding environment. In this situation it is an assuring to know that you can rely on Avedko’s durable enclosures.

Avedko’s enclosures prove time and again to be highly durable, weather resistant and well protected against vandalism. You will find our products throughout the Netherlands, which is why Avedko can be counted as one of Holland’s leading manufacturers of stainless steel enclosures.

Avedko distinguishes itself in the market through its high quality standards, customer insight and efficient production methods. Avedko is able to deliver production to personal specification as well as a range of standard enclosures. Products are designed in-house and manufactured by highly qualified personnel in our ultra-modern production and powder coating facilities that can spray in any specified RAL colour. Avedko has its own fleet of vehicles that allow us to be flexible and efficient in the transport and delivery of products. This complete and self-sufficient work method also allows us to deliver on very specific customer wishes in the areas of product dimensions and the interior and exterior finishing of the enclosure.

Avedko is ready to work with you on enclosures and advise on the logistics of your order, to which we attempt apply to the highest possible levels of quality and reliability.